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Cartwright Relocation Services’ (CRS) expertise with international rules, processes and paperwork takes the complexity and stress out of you and your client’s international move. CRS is one of the very few international move management providers specialized in dealing with the complex and ever changing foreign customs regulations. We offer comprehensive door-to-door international moving services via all U.S. ports and air terminals for all states, U.S. possessions and the majority of foreign countries.

The International Relocation Process

An international move is a vastly more complex undertaking than a domestic one. The following are seven important steps that should be followed to get through an international move with minimal complications and stress on your client/employee and their loved ones:

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One: Planning

Having a cohesive, complete plan for any move is a necessity and even more so for an international move. In order to avoid the numerous logistical and bureaucratic problems that come with an international move, your client/employee must set adequate time aside to comprise a moving plan that includes a budget, timetable, and detailed checklists for each member of their family.
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Two: Choosing a Mover

Selection of the correct moving services provider is perhaps the single most important task in the international relocation process. All potential move service providers should conduct a detailed, onsite survey of your client/employee’s household. They will assess the scope of the move and the materials and supplies needed to pack their belongings during the survey. The onsite survey by a qualified, professional move agent is mandatory in order to prepare an accurate cost estimate for the move.
While always an important consideration, price is not always the first thing to take into account when making your choice of a moving services provider. Besides comparing price quotes, be sure to research the move provider’s reputation, history and experience with international relocations. Also, compare the list of services that are being quoted for the move. Not all moves include the same services. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples.
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Three: Packing

It is one thing to pack household goods for a move across town. It is something else entirely when packing them for an international move. Experienced, professional packing services are well worth their cost. Professional packing services save precious time while also mitigating the risk of loss and damage to your client/employee’s belongings. Professional packers have the experience, knowledge and supplies to protect household goods throughout the rigors of an international move. Professional packing services ensure that your client/employee’s belongings are properly documented and fully covered under the moving company’s insurance. Items packed by the consumer are usually not covered by the mover’s insurance.
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Four: Loading

Once packed, your client/employee’s belongings are loaded into wooden containers known as lift vans. These lift vans are hauled by truck elsewhere for packing into large steel shipping containers for transport overseas. In cases of very large households, your packed belongings may be loaded directly into the large steel container on site.
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Five: Transport

Following the loading of your client/employee’s possessions into the proper container(s), the mover will transport it to the port of exit (also known as port of loading) for loading and transport by ship to the destination country. Shipping time is dependent on the location of the destination country and may take as long as two to three weeks.
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Six: Customs

All shipments must pass through the destination country’s customs before it is allowed entry. The country of origin mover is responsible for making sure all necessary paperwork for the shipment has been correctly completed and processed. They are also responsible for coordinating with the destination country’s moving company to get your client/employee’s possessions cleared by their country’s customs officials as expediently as possible.
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Seven: Delivery

Having cleared customs, the destination moving company will handle delivery of your client/employee’s belongings to their new home or a storage facility as predetermined and agreed upon in the move contract. Review of the shipment manifest is done at this time and any irregularities, damage or missing items are recorded if needed. Unpacking services may also be provided if opted for as part of the move package.

Cartwright Ranks in the Top 10 % of Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores (CSS)

Our rankings don’t happen by accident. Every step of a move is evaluated and measured against KPIs. We set high expectations and standards to which we hold our proprietary network of agents to as well. With an entire network working under the same expectations, customer satisfaction is high. We want the only feedback you receive to be ones about how smoothly a move went and how happy the family is. And you’ll know since a majority of people take time to fill out post-move surveys.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Numbers don’t lie. Top 10 percent of CSS scores. A 98.9% customer survey satisfaction rate. Plus testimonials from other organizations that have worked with us over the decades. Ask your certified relocation coordinator about them.

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“Dawne, our move coordinator, was a joy and treasure. She was compassionate, caring, sensitive, patient, diligent, dogged, responsive, informative, kind, knowledgeable and all with a fabulous sense of humor. If Dawne is to be considered the face of Cartwright, they are unsurpassingly excellent. It was a joy to do business with her.”

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